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Before proceeding we need to introduce the meaning of sustainable travel in 2021.

According to UN World Tourism Organization:

“Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities.”

1. Book and stay in sustainable properties

Instead of spending your holidays in a common accommodation, you can choose an eco-property.

Those properties are known for being sustainable in every daily habit. Most of those properties have solar panels, led lighting, local food, high-efficiency water systems, and many other aspects that recognize their sustainable certification.

At triwey, we have a special filter that allows filtering only sustainable accommodations. We provide more than 50.000 eco-properties around the world and you can book them at the cheapest prices.

What are you waiting for? Start being a conscious traveler now!

Photo by Alexander Kaunas

2. Support the local community, the society, and the planet

Booking.com says that 68% of people would like to give back to society when they travel.

“The impact on the destination’s community is front of mind too: 68% would like the money they spend on travel to go back into the local area.”

It’s important to recognize the community when we spend our holidays since we are always guests.

At Triwey we transparently and at no extra cost for you to donate to charities that work with the aim of creating a better world. We support causes such as poverty, hunger, ocean clean-up, environment, animal welfare, and many others. We also plant one tree in one of the 11 locations in the world for every 5 bookings made.

When you book, we receive a commission and we use a part of it to support our partners, no extra or hidden costs for you. So, why are you still booking on other platforms? 🙂

Photo by Manh Phung

3. Choose the most sustainable transport, limit flights

When you plan your sustainable travel, remember to choose the most sustainable transport.

If you have to travel for short distances the best way to do not impact the environment is to do not choose flights.

It’s difficult and always depends on the locations but try to choose trains instead of flights, rent low emission cars, bikes and any other transport that has minimum impact on the planet.

Photo by David Marcu

We should be careful of our holidays and their impact! You can be a conscious traveler by booking with us, no more worries for you. Visit Triwey.com to get your eco-hotel at the cheapest price, book on Booking.com, Expedia, or other websites, and we support our community and the environment at no extra cost for you and the planet.

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