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In recent years, the concept of giving back has become mainstream, which is a good thing because this has also transitioned to the realm of travelers. More tourists today feel inspired to make a positive impact on the people and places they visit, and that’s also what inspired me to create this detailed guide.

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Giving back doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make your entire trip about a non-profit organization or give a whole lot of money as part of a volunteer program. No, that’s certainly not it.

As you travel you can decide to volunteer at a local school, spend some time with the locals, or donate a few dollars to a worthy cause like an animal center. But whichever method you choose to give back, you can rest assured that your trip will be memorable on a whole new level.

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So, here are some ways you can give back during your next adventure:

1. Eat Local

Everyone has to eat! So instead of eating canned imported food which traveled from far to get to your plate, eat locally produced food by the local farmers. Because it is fresher and healthier than the imported ones.

Furthermore, it shows that you are interested in their way of life and the dollars you spend are used to create jobs for the community or helps to keep their restaurants open. Also in a way eating locally conserves the environment, because if there’s no imported food there’s no carbon footprint left by the plane importing the food.

2. Shop from The Locals.

When you shop from the locals it shows you appreciate the community rather than the place you’re visiting. And if you come across a souvenir that you love why not buy it from the locals instead of going to those souvenir shops? Moreover, they are more authentic because they crafted them themselves, and buying them gives hope and encourages new entrepreneurs to invest more in their community thus, creating more job opportunities. What’s more? Did you know that local businesses support local people more than corporations ever will? So, shop locally as much as you can when you travel.

3. Try Voluntourism

If you want your trip to be about giving back, you can consider volunteer tourism which people see as the most obvious way of giving back to the locals. For starters, you can research for legit organizations that help the local communities and work with them.

You can teach English to the locals, spend time helping the disadvantaged members of a community, or cleaning up beaches as long as it is benefiting the community you’re visiting. If there was something, I’d encourage people to do is volunteer because the smiles you leave behind are worth the work and travel.

4. Consider Homestays

As you travel, sometimes you may feel the need to stay in a fancy hotel which is by far not a bad thing but if you want to give something more from your travels homestays accommodation is a better option. It gives you a chance to know how people in your destination live their everyday life and you get to engage directly with the community and there’s no better way to get to know local communities than through its locals.

What’s more? You get a unique cultural experience which is very impossible to experience in a luxury hotel. The money you pay the hosts is used for the betterment of the community. Homestay accommodations are becoming rampant and it is important for the underdeveloped countries or rather the poor parts of the world because every dollar matters to them.

5. Hire Local Tour Guides

When you start traveling on your own, you sometimes will need a guide, and hiring a local guide should be your first thought because they know all the authentic places in your destination since that’s where they are from. Therefore, you get to experience the best of culture, food, entertainment, historical sites, and everything good in your destination.

Moreover, it may not seem like much but you will be contributing to the community because you hired one of their own.

6. Continue Traveling

Don’t get tired of traveling because in many destinations around the world tourism drives the economy and they need your travel dollars. Sometimes you may cancel your trip due to fear of what’s happening in the destination you had chosen but sometimes it’s not that serious just social media hyping it up.

 However, before you cancel your trip, do some digging to check the extent of the damage and check when they will be ready to invite visitors back. And don’t forget to get travel insurance because it might come in handy in case you get caught up in a natural disaster hence needing medical insurance in your destination. Giving back in whichever way you can is a fulfilling feeling that makes your trip memorable in every way possible and when you decide that’s what you want I promise you, there’s no going back because the smiles you live behind after the trip makes you want to see more and more smiles in every destination you go to.

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