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To lots of you, riding a bike when your travel destination allows it is a no-brainer. It is how you prefer to get around town or interact with locals, it’s your favorite kind of exercise, and it’s perhaps something that also elevates your adventures (in one way or another.) 

To others, however, riding a bike (whether at home or traveling) isn’t their first go-to activity, and it’s these people’s minds that I hope to change today. If you’d like to partake in the sustainable travel movement and make a difference in the world, in today’s guide I’ll list a few of the countless benefits of riding your bicycle or cycling while traveling. 

These benefits will range from personal and economic to social and environmental. 

Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way Tour.

1. It’s an eco-friendly way to travel

Since our main goal here at Triwey is to help all our readers become sustainable travelers, it’s quite obvious that this benefit would take the lead in this detailed guide. So, how is bike touring eco-friendlier?

Well, we can all agree that the more cars we can take off the road, the better it will be for the environment. With that in mind, besides walking, bike riding is about as eco-friendly as it can get. Cycling needs no gasoline, which translates to no harmful smog or emissions released into the air when riding a bicycle around your travel destinations. 

Better yet, in most travel destinations, a bicycle will have no issues getting you to the essential places, including, but not limited to local joints, the marketplace (to interact with the locals and get souvenirs), to the bank, the store, and more. 

Should you need to travel a little further than the bike you’re using can take you, you might also be able to bring your bike on the local bus or train, then keep on riding when you get to your stop. 

2. Bike touring is great exercise 

Honestly, I do not bike tour while traveling for the health benefits associated with it. I wouldn’t say I like to work out, mainly because I find exercises to be one of the most boring ways to spend my time. The only reason I bike is that I love it and have been doing it since I was a child.

That said, the fact I’ve been biking 100 to 500kms a week for years now also means that I get to enjoy the health benefits as an unintended bonus. 

Health benefits associated with riding a bicycle include building muscles, eliminating fat, increasing one’s endurance, lowering blood pressure, strengthening one’s leg, and much more. Biking has even been proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve your mood, clear your mind, reduce anxiety, and alleviate stress. 

And that’s not all. Riding your bike, as with lots of other kinds of aerobic exercises, can help improve sleep and make you more heart-healthy as well. It’s no wonder that those who incorporate daily exercises (like cycling) into their daily routines often live longer. 

3. You are more likely to meet people while cycling

Speaking from experience, when you stop in a new town while riding your bike, the locals do not really see you as a tourist but as a regular traveler. This makes total sense since a fully loaded bike represents a long physical journey and a sense of adventurer. 

All this means that locals you interact with on your expeditions will be naturally curious to interact with you and will also respect your effort.

4. Renting electric bikes is now an option

If the destination you look forward to visiting next is an area with lots of hills and valleys and you’re worried about just how long you will be able to ride, you’ll be pleased to know that electric bikes are now an option in most developed cities. 

Even if you end up using the electric option for your entire tour around the area, the amount of harm done to the environment will be significantly lower than if you had opted to use a car. Having said that, to avoid any surprises and disappointments, I suggest that you do thorough research before getting to your travel destination and review some of the best rental and bike-sharing options. 

5. Economically friendly 

It’s a no-brainer that it’s cheaper to operate or own a bicycle than it is to use a car. Even if you got a bicycle to help you travel in your home country, bicycled does not usually need monthly car payments, fuel, expensive routine maintenance, or insurance. 

If you do not travel too frequently like some of us, you won’t even need to invest in a bike. Renting options are practically everywhere nowadays. In some scenarios, riding a bike can also get you to your travel destination faster compared to if you were using a car, as you won’t need to contend with traffic. 

Do I need to mention that you might no longer need a costly gym membership, thanks to the health benefits of cycling we touched on earlier?

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