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Sustainable Travel means finding a way in which tourism can be preserved for a long time without depleting natural and cultural environments. As you may already tell, the sole purpose of sustainable travel is to reduce the negative impacts of tourism and be beneficial to the different attractions around the world where it takes place.

With that in mind, as a sustainable traveler, you need to be conversant with the pollution levels caused by tours and how the local wildlife and environments are affected.

Why is this important? Well, as you have seen earlier, Sustainable Travel aims to increase the benefits and minimize the negative impacts caused by travel, which in turn ensures that these tourist attractions we love so much will be here for generations to come.

You can help advance sustainable travel through the following ways;

Firstly, you need to protect the natural environment, wildlife, and natural resources while developing and managing tourism activities.

Secondly, you need to give out a reliable tourist experience that not only conserves culture but also celebrates it.

Finally, you need to come up with socio-economic benefits for the host communities through employment and income-earning opportunities.

Here are several ways you can be a sustainable traveler:

  1. Coming up with the most sustainable form of transport- As a traveler, you might be using flight, vehicle, or even train. It, therefore, requires one to consider which type of transport would be friendly as far as the environment is concerned. When traveling in groups, the best form is cars, when traveling on your own, the best way would be using flight or train.
  2. You can go wild while camping- camping in wild is the best experience for every traveler. This will not only allow you to experience real nature but also give you an everlasting impression.
  3. Volunteer working with the NGOs and taking part in community tour projects- here, travelers get the opportunity to learn more about the locals’ life and practices and how to take care of the environment. Moreover, working with the NGOs can be beneficial to all parties, such us working together in planting trees, helping the local area cleaning the ecosystem.
  4. Buying local Street food-  you can buy the local Street food and this will boost the interaction between you and the local community. As you can imagine that feeling of trying a new type of food, any traveler would like it.
  5. Packing environmentally friendly essentials- when traveling, the best packing essentials you can carry along are the eco -friendly essentials. These include reusable water bottles, reusable bags, and lunch boxes. By doing this, you can easily stop plastic waste while traveling.

The three key principles of  Pillars of Sustainability are:

1.  The Environmental Pillar:

This pillar minimizes the negative impacts of traveling on the environment. Ways you can protect the environment include; reducing the carbon amount in the air especially from airplanes and vehicle exhausts, controlling the plastic wastes, and not tampering with the natural wildlife. As sustainable travelers, you should have a simple positive effect by carrying your own reusable, looking for restaurants that are built from Sustainable materials, and also do recycling.

2.  Social Pillar:

This pillar is all about our impact on local people and communities. You can achieve social pillar in the following ways; you can Support businesses that are available around you, employ and support the local community, taking part in community tourism projects and also you can Work with NonGovernmental Organizations. As a  responsible Sustainable traveler, you can seek opportunities in these types of projects, be aware of whom these businesses employ, whether their condition is per standards inclusive of their payments and whether the working environment is safe and they are taking care of the environment.

3.  The Economic Pillar:

In the past, the economic pillar was mainly referred to as business being profitable to be Sustainable. You can apply this pillar by using your money to positively boost the local economy. The foreign currency exchange with the local currencies could prove to be remarkable to local communities. In conclusion, Sustainable Travel is the only travel form that our planet needs. Practicing this will surely bring an end to global warming and shield the ozone layer. Let us all train ourselves to be sustainable travelers.

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