We refer to these eco-labels that certify the hotels’ sustainability.
Eco-hotels features

What makes an eco-hotel unique

Water conservation
Attention to the water usage with low flow toilets, low flow showerheads, aerators on bathroom sinks to reduce water usage, water recycling
Local food
Using locally grown foods to support local farmers, and reduce the gasoline and other costs needed to transport food long distances, reusable dishes, and utensils to reduce waste.
Saving Energy
LED light bulbs, energy-efficient windows, energy-efficient HVAC systems. Energy Star rated televisions, energy-efficient appliances, renewable energy sources such as solar panels.
Bedding and furniture in rooms
Furniture made of sustainable source material, use of natural fiber sheets, towels, and mattresses. Towel and sheet reuse program to reduce water usage. Use of recycled materials for buildings.
Other general features
Usually, the hotels have a strict no-smoking policy. All the employees must be aware and conscious of the hotel's practices. The design and hotel building must be in line with the surrounded landscape.
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Frequently asked questions

Find out more about us, how we work, how to book, our impact, and our eco-labels by reading these frequently asked questions
What is Triwey?
Triwey turns your travel reservations around the world into charitable donations at our expense and at no extra cost to you.
How does it work?
Search for the destination of your interest, choose the best deal, and book on the travel agency website,, Expedia,, the choice is yours! Once your reservation is made, we will make a small donation to the charities we partner with, creating a positive impact on our society and the environment!
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Why should I choose Triwey?
We have created the first leading good cause travel site. We make it as easy as possible for you to travel the world with many hotels availability, locations, and cheap deals while we support well-know and trusted charities - the best part? You don't have to pay anything extra. If you ALREADY book online, why not help good causes at no extra cost from bookings you would make anyway. You really have nothing to lose, and all you need to do now is start booking now!
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Will I pay anything extra?
No. You pay the same prices exactly as if you visited each travel agency's website directly. Using our service will not cost you a cent more than you would usually pay.
How does Triwey make money?
We receive a bonus payment, also called a commission, from the various travel agencies to whom we send traffic and make bookings. A part of that commission is sent to the non-profits we partner with. The other part enables us to invest in new exciting technologies to improve our service along with paying for other important elements of the business, such as our amazing and unique website. We don't hide the fact though that as well as doing great good, we are also a profitable organization.
Why is using Triwey free?
Like travel price comparison sites, we make money through affiliate marketing. It means that travel agencies like pay us a commission every time a booking is made with them through our site and we transfer at least 20% of it to our society and the environment!
How is my data processed?
We love transparency, and that's why we put this question here. For statistical and marketing purposes, we only collect your IP address and technical information about your devices, nothing else too personal and private.
How do I search for my ideal hotel?
On the homepage, you can use the search box to search for your destination. After that, use the filter sidebar to narrow your search. It will help you find something that’s just right for you. Once you’ve found your ideal hotel, click on the best rate, and you’ll be redirected to the travel agency website to make your reservation.
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How can I find Free Cancellation deals?
Based on the availability, for each accommodation you will see a green text that says "FREE Cancellation", the terms of it are based on the travel agency platform where you will book.
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I can see you also offer eco-hotels, I'm right?
Yes, you are right! To find and book an eco-hotel you can use our special and unique filter to narrow the search to only these stays. You will then see a small and green label on the hotels that respects the environment and follow sustainable practices.
How can I get support?
We work as an intermediary, which means we are not the owner of the bookings you have made. If you need support, you can directly reach the travel agency support team where you have placed your reservation, for example,, Expedia, Priceline, and many more.
Are the prices per night or for the entire stay?
All the prices you can see are for the entire stay allowing you to have a clear idea of the amount you will spend.
What does Triwey know about my bookings?
So that the Triwey team can track the donations generated, we know where you will travel and how much you spent but NO personal information about you because it's not our business!
How much will you donate?
The exact donation that will be paid is displayed directly near the booking amount and before being redirected to the travel agency website to complete the reservation. To make it fully transparent, we have also decided to show you the specific monetary amount that will be donated not in percentage or other untransparent ways.
Which charitable causes do you support?
We have selected and supported a variety of charitable causes based on the urgency, our community preferences, and team suggestions or applications made by the charities. The causes we support are about fighting hunger, cleaning up and protecting the environment, reforestation and planting trees, supporting education, students, and schools, saving animals in danger, supporting healthcare for people in need, and many more. We are lucky to don't have a limit on the impact we can make at Triwey! If you are a charity or would you like to suggest a non-profit, then reach us by clicking below.
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How do you select the charities to partner with?
We select the most potential charities based on their impact, trust, causes they support, and community. We carefully approve which charities can join us by checking their Charity Navigator info and score, history, and reports. We choose only cooperative and transparent charities that want to grow together and work for a better tomorrow.
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Can I suggest new charities?
We are always available to add and increase the charitable impact we can make! If you have a charity in mind, know someone who would be interested, or simply would you like to propose your non-profit then reach us at.
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What is an eco-label?
An eco-label is a standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainability. It's a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labeling that is practiced around the world for consumer products, packaging services, and, in our case a holiday accommodation.
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Which are the main practices of an eco-hotel?
An eco-hotel can be recognized for improvements that include non-toxic housekeeping practices, the use of renewable energy, organic soaps, energy-efficient light fixtures, and recycling programs.
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Does an eco-label affect the comfort during my stay in an accommodation?
Staying in an awarded accommodation does not mean you have to compromise on comfort, luxury, or price. You might very well be supporting an environmentally-responsible hotel without even noticing it!
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How does the labels are monitored?
Establishments with an eco-label certification are closely monitored to ensure that they are adhering to the label’s strict sustainability standards. Before being awarded for the first time, an on-site audit of the applicant's accommodation is carried out. Other audits are made by year year to check the property's actions.